How you can help

There are two main ways in which you can support our endeavour:
  • Financially
  • By encouraging us while we are at sea.

The Ocean Rowing Society considers that the challenges of ocean rowing are 90% mental and only 10% physical, so you really can play a part in helping us to succeed. We will publish details of how to contact us during the voyage nearer the race start date (27 November 2005) on this site.

Ocean rowing is only 10% physical but 90% mental


As you can probably imagine, the costs of embarking on a challenge such as this are substantial - likely to be in the region of 50,000 - but our ambition is also to raise 10,000 for our chosen charities, The Parkinson's Disease Society and the National Autism Society. We are investing significant amounts of time, energy and our own funds into making this happen, and providing the vehicle to enable us to raise funds for our chosen charities. 

Funds raised for the Team over the project costs will directly benefit the two charities nominated by Chris and Clint, but we would also be delighted if our supporters gave direct to these two worthy causes.

The "wedding list": A list of all of the equipment and supplies we still need, and their costs, can be found here. Could you "sponsor" our safety flares? Or all of the UV lip salve we will need?

How to make a donation

We have set up a Paypal account to enable you to make an online donation to help the challenge of Team C -simply click on the "Make a Donation" button below, and you should be taken to the Paypal site, which will enable you to choose the amount of your donation and your preferred method of payment in a secure environment. There is a small administration fee which is charged for this service, and so if you would prefer to send a donation direct to us, please contact us through the e-mail links in the "Who we are" page through this link.


If you would prefer to make any offer of sponsorship direct to the charities, we have set up mini-sites at (which is linked to GiftAid), and where you can pledge your support to the charities in a tax efficient way. The sites can be found through the following links:

Our targets:

  • 50,000 to finance the race

  • 10,000 to support our charities from direct contributions and race finance raised in excess of amount required

Commercial organisations

For commercial organisations considering supporting our challenge, we believe that the return, in awareness-raising alone, would more than repay any financial contribution. There will be ample opportunity to have name exposure on the boat as well as on kit, and depending on the amount of any contribution, we would be happy to attend your corporate functions before the race, as well as afterwards - when we will hopefully be able to provide some useful insights into the benefits of teamwork, planning and keeping focussed on the goal. Please contact either Chris or Clint to learn more about what we can offer in return for your support - their details are on the "Who we are" page.

For organisations that may not be able to support us in direct financial terms, but which wish to assist us in other ways, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities which might exist for other support, such as donations of items we might need for the crossing - which extend from rowing equipment and clothes to air tickets and chocolate and energy bars (a great source of energy, as well as providing the feel good factor!). Obviously, any support in kind will enable the team to pass on financial contributions to the charities sooner.

Through the "Our sponsors" link on the left you can see the support which we have attracted so far - please consider adding your details to that link!

lIf your organisation has a brand that would naturally be associated with:
  • Challenge
  • Endeavour
  • Adventure
l...and has values that include supporting those in the community with mental challenges, then this is the opportunity for you