Things we still need

We still need to acquire all of the items listed below, and would be very grateful for financial donations matching any of these. Some might consider this as a kind of "wedding list": we're not sure if Chris and Clint are marrying the sea or the boat!

We would like to show our appreciation of such donations by recording your first name in the right hand column, but will understand your desire for anonymity if you let us know you don't want this shown.

Our preferred method of donation is by cheque: please contact Chris, Clint or Helena for details of where to send it.

Item (quantity) Cost Kindly sponsored by
Safety equipment
Personal EPIRB for emergency bag 340  
Strobe light for emergency bag 47.60  
White rocket flares (4) 12.50  
Red rocket flares (4) 12.50  
White handheld flares (6) 16.68  
Red handheld flares (6) 16.68  
Orange smoke flares (2) 14.28  
Lifejacket for Chris 89.48  
Lifejacket for Clint 89.48  
Ship's Captain's Medical Guide 40.71  
Gerber knives (2) 27  
Submersible torch 31.72  
Waterproof speakers (to go with an Ipod) 32.84  
Fixed VHF Radio 230  
Shortwave radio 40  
Solar battery charger 60  
Medical needs (some mandatory, some necessary)
Creams to soothe bottoms (we are advised that rotating between Vaseline, Sudocrem and Drapoline is the most effective - 1 tub of each) 10.92  
Other crucial creams: E45 (2), Zovirax (2), Anusol, Bonjela 20.06  
Suncream (Boots are currently running a BOGOF deal so 4x200ml) 15.98  
UV Lipsalve (20) 15.80  
Tubigrips (2) 7.58  
Finger dressing and applicator (4) 11.96  
Eye care kit (Optrex eyewash, eye bath and eye drops) 7.76  
Dental kit (medical - not just toothpaste!) 8.84  
Anti-seasickness wristbands (2) 7.99  
Sticking us back together: Steristrips (4 packs) and micropore (2) 19.54  
Waterfilm skin plasters (4) 6.76  
Blood stopping/wound sealing spray 4.99  
General needs
Waterproof head torch 7.50  
Speedo Sports Towels (4)
Made of a substance like chamois leather - you wring them out and they're dry - handy when the boat has no towel rail. They also take up a LOT less space inside the cabin.
Sunhats 16 Godfrey Rowsports

More items will be added soon!