The photos below were mostly taken during the two week period that we spent in La Gomera before the start, preparing the boat for the race. We are unlikely to be able to send back photos while at sea, unfortunately.

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Calf comes out of shed for first time

Sitting on the boat on DRY LAND

Here is my blade

Look! We both have blades!

This makes us happy

Bewl Water in the background

She's not big...

Ready to go to Newark for shipping to the start

Clint repairs the slight damage the keel suffered...

... in transit to La Gomera

C2 next to James Cracknell & Ben Fogle's boat

Move Ahead and Mark 3

Atlantic Prince and Move Ahead

Sedna Solo (L) is the beautiful boat rowed by Roz Savage (only women's single in the race)

This is quite exciting!

Most of this needs to go aboard

Note we have not yet put the black "anti-foul" paint on C2's bottom to deter weed & barnacles

...but now we have

We will still have to dive to scrape the bottom weekly

The cow is airbourne!

Be careful... we've got to row an ocean in that

Chris watches anxiously

Measuring milk powder

Race boats in the marina

More boats in the marina

2 fine paint jobs - Teams C2 and Sun Latte (NZ)

Daisy & Buttercup

The sea cow's sea cows

The pointy end...

... as we rowers say

The human part of the herd

The whole herd

Just in case we forget who we are (SSR=Small Ships Register)


Boat and rowers ...

...dressed alike

Flying the Gomeran flag

Sorting out stuff

Knitting is very fashionable

H smartens up decks with non-slip paint (paint mixed with sand)

Coming into port

This is more like it

Photo courtesy of American Fire (thanks girls!)

Coxed double

C3 at Sea?

It won't be this good all the time

Check out the logo

...and again

La Gomera's volcanic black sand in the background


To the horizon and keep going*

Do you like our kit?*

Finishing the Gomera Cup

Aurora (Primary Support Yacht) on the GC finish line

Cantering off into the sunset


Tenerife in the background

It always has that cloud layer

San Sebastian in the background

...and the prettier part of it

Expedition Foods Cod & Potato - yum

From inside the cabin

La Gomera is a volcanic rock

Sea trials

Mustn't let that trail in the water

Coming into dock

...nearly there

The big holes either side of the bow hatch...

... contain chutes that store the para anchor and drogue

Helena being allowed to play in the boat

Tenerife's volcano again

Reach out

Don't look down!

To your left

Just hang your weight off the blades

Wonderful conditions

Where is Chris standing to take this?

Tenerife again

... and again

We have to lean through this tiny hatch if anything needs doing to the rudder

They could be anywhere

Feathering isn't geneally necessary

Power on

It's a funny landscape, but we'd better make the most of it

Left before right not necessary

Alcohol is banned at sea by the race organisers

Why is Chris taking our photo?

Competitors on Aurora

Move back a bit?

Extreme photography


Chris, Clint and Sally from RowGirls

RowGirls at the front

Competitors and support crew

Watch the ... albatross?


Chris and one of the All Relative 4-man crew

Look up!

C&C are in there somewhere

Up here!

Contrasts - San Sebastian de La Gomera

You'd think a double Olympic rowing champion would know the pointy end should go first...

Is this a very small car or a very large man?

Ship's cat on Ghurka Spirit

Thanks for your support, Nuffield!

We are VERY grateful to our sponsors

Looking moo-dy

Looking for the moo-n?

Deep in discussion

A final call to the office

Fresh fruit while still available

Smile for the camera?

OK, don't then

* Photos courtesy of Teresa Page, Woodvale Events.