Photos taken at sea

Just after the start

Wearing our best cow kit

The view gets rather monotonous

This was on a calm day

Oh look - a blade! That's exciting.

Nice colour, though

Fabulous sunsets


Clint rowing (obviously)

You have to cope with rocking and rolling

Who needs level hands when you dom't have a level sea?

Gloves were worn for the first 2 weeks

... which successfully prevented blisters

Sun hats are important

... in creating arty shots

The hats were donated by Godfrey Rowsports

A "distant" tanker

This was taken quite early on, judging from the pale skin and liberal use of suncream

The aspect of ocean rowing the media are most keen on

Quick pause for a drink of water

Are you still there?

Not much room in this cabin

...or at this end

Waiting out a storm

Note pink cushtie!

Well, it makes a change from the office, anyway

Follow the stroke cycle

Hands unusually level

Circling the finish as the waves dictate

Forget everything you ever knew about left in front of right

This is a serious business

One of the blades has already gone

Reach out.... and repeat c.1.5 million times

Even in good seas you roll around

You're not having fun, are you, Chris?

Man with small light growing out of head

Dirt gets ingrained but look - no blisters!

Hands in a good state despite being pretty wet

Clint's famous infected toe

Another fab sunset

Hey up, we've got company!

Support yacht Aurora drops by

... and takes the photo that appeared on the website on Christmas Day

The object in his right hand is a scraper for removing barnacles from the bottom

.... of the boat, obviously

Great White?

Over exposed?

A 5000m deep pool

Sorry, probably shoudl have censored this one

Are you going to let me on again?

An arrival from Runway 1

Clint is a man of many talents...

... but beard-growing isn't one of them.

Salman Rushdie goes ocean rowing

These cow print tops are so comfortable

... and the accessorise really well with tinsel

Does my beard look big in this?

Christmas Tree

and tinsel

We never bothered taking this down, actually

Those famous buckets, plus a related accessory

Clint sits down for a Christmas lunch

... unlike any he has ever had before

Chris can't work out where the chestnut stuffing is

... but puts a brave face on the situation

After Handy Andy met Olga Corbutt

A sun's eye view

A whale

Same whale again

It had never met a sea cow

Rough and grey

You can't see the real horizon when it's like this

... and are trapped in quite a small watery world

Up and down

The colours changed but there was always just sea and sky

Big rolling swells

... that go on and on

... and on

Water, water everywhere


... and still no horizon

Ever changing but always the same

Here's a version with a bluer sky

A new angle

Cobbling the shoes back together - literally

In another bowl of sea

Sliding along the waves

... for days on end

A view out over the stern

Fuzzy duck

The view at night. Which way is the next wave coming from?

Rowing on the last day towards the end of the rainbow

... with Antigua in the diatance

Waypoint=END. Note time (GMT)