Photos taken in Antigua and back in the UK after the finish

Supporters waiting for C2 in the rain - at least balloons are waterproof

Applause from the crowds

Just a few metres left

Nearly there!

Justin, the oldest of All Relative, who built several of the boats in the race, pulls C2 in

Ready to land

Clint lands in Antigua

A salty sea dog

Chris' parents and his sister Sue are very pleased to see him

Champagne provides Chris with something to smile about

A happy moment

To Classes 3 and 5 from Island Academy, C2 are celebrities!

Chris signs an autgraph for some of the young singers who welcomed them in

Young autograph hunters

A melee on the dock

An official from the Ministry of Tourism greets C2

After 2 months in the sea cow, Clint is pleased to see the land (team) cow

C2 had to fill in Immigration forms. Arrival was "by sea", of course

Chris enjoys his first drink of cold mineral water for 2 months

Clint enjoying his first drink of cold mineral water for 2 months so much he pours it all over himself

With "celebs" James Cracknell and Ben Fogle of Spirit of EDF, who crossed the line just over a day ahead of Team C2

This photo appeared in the Daily Telegraph!

Cracknell's back was seriously bothering him when he came down to talk to C2 a few hours after they landed

C2 yarn with Ben Fogle

Chris chats to James Cracknell

Chris clutching the package he was presented with the Ministry of Tourism

Ocean rowers talking

The Copper and Lumber Store hotel where they came in - the Manager found them a spare room to have showers.

A steel band came down to play in the afternoon shortly after C2 landed

...when the sun came out, fortunately

Devil's Bridge - the seas are much more benign than when C2 had to row past this point on the way in

They rowed past this bit, just north of Willoughby Bay

The wide entrance to Willoughby Bay (in the distance) past which C2 had to row to get to the finish

Looking towards the entrance to the English Harbour from Shirley Heights

The entrance to the English Harbour from the Atlantic

Looking down on the English Harbour and Fort Berkley from Shirley Heights

Fort Berkley - where the children from Island Academy sang from as C2 rowed in

Entrance to the English Harbour with Fort Berkley in the foreground

Looking towards the dock where they landed from Fort Berkley wher ethe children were singing

You can just see various rowing boats moored

This radio on Shirley heights mast marks the official finish line

Scrutineering: Lucy from Woodvale checks that they still have everything they should have

All 150 litres of Team C2's ballast water - untouched

Ludy from Woodvale looks worried after asking Chris to show that he still has the required axe in the cabin

Lifejackets, drogues, flares etc

All the right safety equipment

Lashing rain was the theme for most of the first few days after C2 landed

Lots of stuff on deck

Plenty of Nutrigrain bars left

Clutter in the cabin through the square window

Clearing out the boat 2 days after landing

5 blades made it back out of the 6 they started with

The comforting pink cushtie kindly donated by Atlantic Warrior went mouldy in the end

A useful sunhat donated by Godfrey Rowsports also went mouldy - pictured here with a dead flying fish

Gooseneck barnacles on the rudder

This was taken 2 days after the finish. Incredible!

Salt sores on someone's bottom - imagine sitting on that and rocking back and forward for 12 hours a day!

Clint's infected toe - after it started getting better

Chris doesn't fit easily through the cabin door

C2 took 90 days provisions, so this is the unused 39 days' worth... mostly given to Woodvale for resupplying other crews as required

Clint finds a passenger (deceased)

Ian and Ian the buckets, plus a complementary receptacle

The cooker only stopped working on the last night (and probably would have been fine after some cleaning)

The cows in the bows made it all the way across. The Christmas tinsel was not removed on Twelfth Night.

One of the frigatebirds C2 initially thought were pterodactyls at sea

C2 with Alan Weston aka Mr Antigua who knows everyone on the island and did everything to help us all on our stay there

Clint and Dave from Atlantic 4 discuss an important point about ocean rowing

George from Atlantic 4 (in the middle) at the cocktail party on board Talitha G the evening C2 landed

Chris and Clint answer questions at assembly at Island Academy

A graphic description

They are presented with books of drawings the children have done of them

The children sing them the Antiguan National Anthem

More autograph signing afterwards!

Wonderful cow print on the books of drawings

Team C2, Atlantic 4 and the amazing guys from Bout de Vie who were the 3rd pair across the line - they're not even very big!

By chance, C2 came back on the same flight as Cracknell and Fogle

Going home the quick way (they had to pay for their tickets, though)

Clint reunited with his kids Elle, Merlin and Scarlett - now the guardians of Buttercup the trans-Atlantic cow